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LG Refrigerator Water Filter LT1000P, LT1000PC, LT-1000PC, LT1000PCS,MDJ64844601, ADQ74793501, ADQ74793502, Kenmore 46-9980, 9980 (3 PACK)

LG Refrigerator Water Filter LT1000P, LT1000PC, LT-1000PC, LT1000PCS,MDJ64844601, ADQ74793501, ADQ74793502, Kenmore 46-9980, 9980 (3 PACK) Item NO: 849784

US$ 30.99
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LG Refrigerator Water Filter LT1000P, LT1000PC, LT-1000PC, LT1000PCS,MDJ64844601, ADQ74793501, ADQ74793502, Kenmore 46-9980, 9980 (3 PACK)
  • DRINK SUPER CLEAN AND HEALTHY WATER: These water filter refills remove chlorine and odor and particulates contaminants and bacteria from your water. At the same time, the refrigerator water filters leave potentially healthy and beneficial minerals intact. Our water filters are NSF/ANSI 42 certified.
  • WATER FILTERS FOR YOUR REFRIGERATOR: Your refrigerator water filter should be regularly replaced, so ensure that the water you’re drinking is clean and safe. These replacement water filters are compatible with LG LT1000P,LT1000PC,LT1000PCS,LT-1000PC,ADQ74793501,ADQ74793502,MDJ64844601; Kenmore 46-9980,9980; LFCC22426S,LFCS28768S...For more models, please find the product description below.
  • LONG LASTNG WATER FILTERS: GLACIER FRESH has made sure that these replacing refrigerator water filters can last at least 6 months. In other words, each water filter can purify at least 300 gallons of water, so you won’t have to replace them often!
  • EASY TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION: Incredibly easy, fast and absolutely tool-free!

Product Name LG Refrigerator Water Filter LT1000P, LT1000PC, LT-1000PC, LT1000PCS,MDJ64844601, ADQ74793501, ADQ74793502, Kenmore 46-9980, 9980 (3 PACK)
Item NO 849784
Weight 1.5000 kg = 3.3069 lb = 52.9109 oz
Category Refrigerator Water Filters
Tag LG , LT1000P , MDJ64844601 , Kenmore 46-9980 , 9980 , ADQ74793501 , ADQ74793502 , LT1000PC , LT1000PCS
Brand Glacier Fresh
Creation time 2019-03-18


Compatible Models:

LG LT1000P, LT1000PC, LT1000PCS, LT-1000PC, ADQ74793501, ADQ74793502, MDJ64844601; Kenmore 46-9980, 9980; LFCC22426S, LFCS28768S, LFXC22526S, LFXC22596S, LFXC24796D, LFXC24796S, LFXS26566M, LFXS26566S, LFXS26596M, LFXS26596S, LFXS26973D, LFXS26973S, LFXS28566, LFXS28566D, LFXS28566M, LFXS28566S, LFXS28596D, LFXS28596M, LFXS28596S, LFXS28968, LFXS28968D, LFXS28968S, LFXS30796D, LFXS30796S, LMXC23796D, LMXC23796M, LMXC23796S, LMXS28626, LMXS28626D, LMXS28626S, LMXS28636, LMXS28636S, LMXS30796D, LMXS30796S, LSFXC2496D, LSFXC2496S, LSXC22396D, LSXC22396S, LSXS26336S, LSXS26396S

GLACIER FRESH LT1000P Refrigerator Water Filter

The Glacier Fresh LT1000P water filter delivers clean, clear water that looks and tastes great and protects the components of your refrigerator from potential sediment. Enjoy fresh filtered water right from your refrigerator dispenser without worries.


Are you unsatisfied with the premium quality and tested efficacy of water refrigerator filters? GLACIER FRESH offers you a 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund.



Works perfectly with my Amana refrigerator.I have been using it for a week and it provides the same odorless and chlorine-free water as the original Pur filter that I have been buying for years. Great product.


P Blake

The product was delivered timely and without damage. The filter won't be used for a while as it is our new on-hand replacement.


Fred Schneiweiss

Fits perfectly. Works as advertised.


Fab Fab

Seems fine, maybe a slightly louder than the OEM filter when water is flowing, but certainly not problematic. I just installed it and flushed it, in a Kitchenaid French door fridge, no problems. No particulates in the water at all.What's weird is that the instructions say to not install where ambient temperatures may go below 40 degrees . In our fridge, the filter is IN the refrigerator, and the fridge temperature is set to 38, as is standard in the U.S. So will this cause issues? It seems like it shouldn't be any problem but why make such a statement in the installation manual? They probably mean temperature of the general water supply but it makes little sense to me either way as the filled filter will be at 38 degrees most of the time.Many Europeans tend to have their refrigerators set much warmer, in the 43-48 degrees range or thereabouts, and I wondered if that had to do with it. But the manufacturer seems to be an American company, family-owned even, so I don't get it.


Marc Bachman

This fits up as a replacement for PUR filter 4 just as the original. No leaks or difficulties with function.


Nachu Seth

Good one..


Barbara N.

Works fine and installed easil.


Mini Irwin

Easy to install and good, clean water


Thomas S.

We installed the filter in our Kitchen Aid refrigerator about one week ago and so far so good. We normally replace it with Maytag UKF8001, which has been considerably more expensive when I've purchased it in the past in-store at Home Depot. This particular installation couldn't have been easier for my specific model refrigerator. I was slightly nervous reading reviews prior to purchasing because it sounded like someSuperFilter Customers have had issues getting a proper fit when installing the replacement filter. All I can say is I experienced no issues and I would recommend giving this product a try.


R. F.

In the past, It bothered me to spend $ 42.00 for a water filter for our KitchenAid refrigerator every 6 months or so. The OEM filter cost from our KitchenAid dealer just seemed exorbitant and via , it was not that much better. I decided to try the $ 22.00 + More Pure Water UKF8001 (equivalent) Water Filter and could not be more satisfied. Packaging was excellent, fit was perfect, it did not leak and the water tastes excellent. Lastly, it was delivered to my front door. What more could I ask?


e.d. cary

Completely happy with my purchase! Replaced my Maytag $50 filter with no issues as noted in some of the other review.


Shaun T. Russell

This product is well built. It's about the same construction as the original and a great value. Time will tell, but I predict about the same longevity as the original, if not more. I'll update if it doesn't last as long, but for now, I give it a five star rating.



Works well for my new Profile frid .


Frank S

Works great in my refrirator, easy to install after watching a you tube video


Dog Lover

Great product. Great price.



I don’t like spending ~$45 for a water filter and wish it were cheaper. But at less than $0.15 per gallon and feeling more confident that it’s filtering trace pharmaceuticals, it’s worth the premium price to protect my family.


Karen P

Second time ordering and now a bit less expensive. Really would not trust a neric filter for our frid even if it were cheaper. We use ice and water every day and the cost per day over six months is negligible. Thanks !


Dan R. Drilon

Direct fit for our frid. Very very expensive though


Jennifer A. Myers

Great filter! I have always wondered how big of a difference these filters make. The only reason I finally chand my filter was because I was sick of the frid reminding me I needed a new filter. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with this filter! I could really taste a difference in the way the water tasted. Guess these filters do a pretty good job after all :)



Rapid response. Product was as offered and works perfectly in our KitchenAid fridge.